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Business Press Coverage of My Research

(Un)Tangled: Exploring the asymmetric co-evolution of new venture capital firms' reputation and status

ASQ Blog 6-30-15

Shoot for the Stars? Predicting the Recuitment of Prestigious Directors at Newly Public Firms

Human Resource Executive Online - November 12, 2013

The Oxford Handbook of Corporate Reputation

European Financial Review - August-September 2012

The Effects of Firm Reputation and Celebrity on Earnings Surprises and Investors' Reactions

BizEd - May-June 2009

Celebrity firms: The social construction of market popularity.

India Times - 3/06/07

The Burden of Celebrity: The Impact of CEO Certification Contests on CEO Pay and Performance

Business Insider - 6/26/14

Reuters - 9/22/06 re-reported in the Houston Chronicle

Overpaid CEOs and Underpaid Managers: Fairness and Executive Compensation

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 5/13/07

Toronto Globe and Mail - 10/16/06

Businessweek - 10/06/06

Agenda - 10/02/06

Believing One's Own Press: The Causes and Consequences of CEO Celebrity

The Economist - 6/23/04

Media Legitimation Effects in the Market for Initial Public Offerings

Reuters - 12/7/03 re-reported by Forbes, The Boston Globe, Yahoo News, CNBC online, The Business Times and China Daily

The Role of Politics in Repricing Executive Options

New York Times - 7/29/01

Businessweek - 8/13/01

Quotes in The Media

Quoted on the Difficulty of Giving Bad News to Celebrity CEOs

Washington Post 2-23-18

Quoted Regarding Why Equifax CEO Richard Smith Was Allowed to Resign

Money Magazine 9-26-17

Quoted Regarding the Resignation of United CEO Jeff Smisek

Los Angeles Times 9/11/15

Quoted on the Pros and Cons of Going Public

Central Penn Business Journal 5/9/14

Quoted on Marketplace Morning Report Regarding Twitter IPO

Marketplace 10/4/13

Quoted Regarding the Five Below IPO

Reuters 7/19/12

Quoted Regarding the Effectiveness of Say on Pay Rules

Pittsburg Post-Gazette 5/20/12

Charlotte Observer 5/26/12

Quoted Regarding Governance Problems at Irish Pharmaceutical Company Elan

Reuters - 9/23/10

Quoted Regarding the Pricing of Art

Center Daily Times - 7/11/10

Quoted Regarding KKR's underwriting of its Own Portfolio Company's IPO

Reuters - 5/24/10 re-reported on CNBC, and

Quoted Regarding KKR's Move to the NYSE from Euronext Amsterdam

Reuters - 5/10/10 re-reported on NY Times Blog,, CNBC, Private Equity Week, Westlawbusiness and Interactive Investor

Guest, Kathleen Dunn Radio Show on Wisconsin Public Radio, Discussing Executive Compensation Following the Bank Bail Out

Kathleen Dunn Show Appearance 2/4/09

Quoted Regarding GE's Use of a Blog to Make Potentilaly Market Moving Announcements

Reuters - 11/19/08 re-reported by Forbes, CNBC, MSNBC, the Washington Post, The Guardian, and Yahoo News

Quoted Regarding Effects of New Executive Compensation Disclosure Requirements on Executive Pay

Modern Healthcare 7/28/08

Appearance on CNBC's Squawk Box morning program Regarding Effects of CEO Overpayment

CNBC appearance - 8/31/07

Quoted Regarding New Report on Excessive CEO Compensation

Guardian - 8/31/07

Quoted Regarding Changes in Proxy Disclosure Requirements

Pittsburgh Post Gazette - 5/13/07

Quoted Regarding Delta CEO's Pay

Atlanta Journal Constitution - 3/26/07

Quoted Regarding the Hertz IPO

Reuters - 10/27/06

Quoted Regarding IPO Market Conditions

Reuters - 9/29/06

Reuters - 9/25/06

Reuters - 7/21/06

Quoted Regarding Excess Executive Compensation

Los Angeles Business Journal 5/29/06

Quoted Regarding Executive Compensation in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 5/7/06

Quoted Regarding the NYSE Going Public

USA Today - 3/8/06 re-reported by Black Enterprise

Quoted Regarding Thomas Weisel Partners IPO

Reuters - 1/27/06

Quoted Regarding Secondary Offerings following IPOs

Reuters - 1/6/06

Quoted Regarding Baidu's Change in Lock-up Provisions

Reuters - 12/17/05 re-reported by Yahoo News, MSN Money and C/Net

Quoted Regarding The CBOT's Recent IPO

Reuters - 10/21/05 re-reported by Wachovia Securities

Quoted Regarding Turnaround in IPO Market

Reuters - 2/29/04 re-reported by Forbes, Yahoo Finance

Quoted Regarding Google's IPO

Reuters - 8/13/04 re-reported by CNNMoney, Hindustan Times, Rank for Sales, and The Financial Express

Reuters - 12/21/03 re-reported by Forbes, MSN Money, ZDnet, China Daily, Rank for Sales and



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