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I am married to a wonderful and talented woman named Sarah, who is an outstanding artist (check out her work via the link to her web site!). In addition to being a professor, my other job is "underpaid artist's assistant." Sarah does 5-7 outdoor art festivals each year, and I help her set up, tear down, man the booth and ring up sales (my favorite part!).

Sarah and I lost our beautiful golden/labrador retriever mix named Annie to cancer several years ago. We miss her greatly. You can read Sarah's tribute to Annie here. Although Annie will never be replaced in our hearts, we adopted her successor, Maple, from Centre County PAWS in 2011, and her brother Marlon (another rescue we adopted privately) in 2014. We have showered them with as much love as we did Annie. We just wish we could do this for more dogs. If you ever choose to bring a dog or cat into your life, please adopt one from a rescue shelter. There are so many great animals out there looking for good homes.



Cooking has become a hobby of mine over the past several years. I have taken a number of classes at the Culinary Institute of America, as well as at the Kitchen Shoppe in Carlisle, PA. We are also members of Tait Farm's community supported agriculture (CSA) program, and we purchase much of our meat and eggs from Over the Moon Farm. I am a big believer in organic, sustainable and locally-grown food. You can find farmer's markets and CSAs in your local area through Local Harvest.


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I guess I'm showing my age, but the Descendents and NOFX are my two favorite punk bands

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